Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"The Best Man" Released and My First Professionally Designed Book Cover!

Since my latest co-authored Contemporary Romance, The Best Man, has made its debut, I just had to share this image. It's the first book cover I've had professionally designed, courtesy of DJ's eBook Covers, and the result was fantastic. Take a look:
Gorgeous isn't it? I love the grey and pink color scheme that says playful without screaming chick lit (which is good, since this novel swings towards the quiet, gentle side of romance more than some of my zanier pieces have).
I'll have more about The Best Man soon, including a special "sneak peek" excerpt on Dolly's page. If you like the cover design, you might want to check out the artist's website here---she has some great images in her gallery to choose from, as well as information on custom designs.
The Best Man is available from and will be released to Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo, and Sony over the next few weeks courtesy of Smashwords, where e-book readers can download a copy in the next few days before it arrives on other virtual shelves.