Friday, October 7, 2011

Novel Release Day...

It may not be creepy enough for Halloween (and it does have a Valentine's Day setting), but I hope my new novel Ghosts of Romances Past will still be intriguing for those who like romance with just a dash of fantasy.

Alice Headley has a solid faith, a strong sense of family, and a business partner who shares her artistic ideals--a guy who just happens to be her childhood sweetheart. She also has a "perfect" boyfriend--the man she's been dating for two years--so when he pops the question, she can't believe the answer isn't automatically 'yes'.

Moments after the surprise proposal, Alice takes a tumble down the restaurant's staircase. A fall that leaves her with a nasty head bump and some very strange side effects: Visions of three female ancestors , figures who seem as real as the women Alice remembers from childhood experiences and family stories. They must be illusions, but she can't deny the truth behind their personal stories of heartbreak and love.

Is this a trick of the mind? Or God's way of saying her heart belongs with someone else--the youthful love she consigned to the past?

Be sure to check out the Sneaky Peeks page for an "outtake" from the novel's first draft--an extended take on the First Ghost, Phylis's love story!


  1. Hey Laura. Oooh, this sounds like such a cool book! I'm adding it to my ever-growing list of exciting releases by White Rose & Harbourlight. Can't keep up. Congrats!

  2. Thanks Dora! And I agree--the books over at White Rose and Harbourlight do look fantastic. There's too many great reads to choose from (which is actually a good problem to have, I guess :)

  3. Hello, Laura, I'm very glad to make your acquaintance. What a lovely web site you have here. And with so many stories to choose from... I'm going to dig into all of them!

  4. Thanks Lilly! I'm glad you came by.