Friday, July 6, 2012

Dear Miss Darcy Available in Print

For my readers who prefer print copies to eBooks (or maybe love both!), I'm excited to say that my Austen-inspired romance, Dear Miss Darcy, is now available in paperback via Amazon's Createspace. It sports a different cover from the electronic version and contains an excerpt from my Regency Novel Rules for Engagements (Book One in the Regency Rules Series and also co-authored with Sarah Burgess). 

Find the paperback copy here!


I'll be adding more Regency-themed books to my lineup before the year is out, including Book Two in the Regency Rules Series, as well as a tale of Regency vampires (oh my!). More updates on that one soon. 


  1. When does Love Among the Spices come out? I just finished Rules for Engagement and cannot wait to read the next book!!

    1. Hi Kelly-thanks so much for asking! Love Among the Spices will available in eBook format in mid-September. Haven't quite settled on a release date, but it will be in the next couple weeks :)

      I'm so glad you enjoyed Rules for Engagements. I love writing (and reading) Regency books and am thrilled to know that the series has some fans!