Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Great Short Story Market for Romance and Mystery Writers

Attention romance and mystery writers! The popular magazine Woman’s World is one of the few publications that considers short stories from unpublished, unagented writers.

Currently, the submission guidelines call for romance stories that are exactly 800 words and mini mysteries that are 700 words. The romance stories must be positive/lighthearted, and the mini mysteries can be either whodunnits or howdunnits (no graphic or gritty content, please).

It’s important to be persistent (really persistent) when submitting to Woman’s World. I would recommend sending at least one story per month. Don't get discouraged by form rejection letters. Keep trying and you’ll likely see personalized notes from the editor begin to come your way.

To understand what style the editors are looking for, it’s best to read several issues of the magazine. And for all the info you’ll ever need on writing romance stories for Woman’s World, check out Kate Willoughby’s incredibly detailed blog. Ms. Willoughby has been published in Woman’s World multiple times and definitely knows her stuff!


  1. Thanks for the pointer. I've yet to manage to write one that short that can hold its own, but I'll keep trying!