Monday, July 12, 2010

Hello From the Paper Doll!

Hello fellow readers, writers, and book lovers!

I hope you'll enjoy the Paper Doll and make it a regular stop on your tour of the blogging world. It's my goal to share news, information, and tips (as well as fun, random stuff) about writing and publishing fiction.

Take a peek at my bio and you'll see that I'm still a newbie in the publishing world myself, with a series of online articles and an up-coming eBook with White Rose Publishing.

Luckily, my good friend Dolly Dingle has promised to offer lots of advice and inspiration (as well as agreeing to be the blog mascot). After all, who better than a paper doll to provide insight into the world of creativity and imagination? Like the adventurous author exploring new stories, little Dolly tries a new identity and experience with each costume. And yet still finds time to read a good book!

Feel free to post a comment saying hello--and be sure to check out the side links for information on White Rose Publishing and other great writer's resources.

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